Humans are fascinating and diversified with sophisticated lifestyles different from one individual to the other.

At Psyche-e, we develop communication pieces that are both simple and effective
for today’s sophisticated consumer to generate results for your product or service.

A unified strategy for all communication requirements for any product or service is assured to give results
whether it’s Digital media, Mainstream media or an ad-hoc campaign.

We Offer

Digital Media Solutions

The digital platform has become an essential part of humans in their everyday life as a convenient tool, whether it be for education, information, purchases or transactions, the digital platform is
leading the way.
A Digital platform will be the most effective and efficient platform for communication to reach any audience irrespective of the SEC classification or social standards since a smartphone and a data package has become a commodity and human insights will be the base to formulate
effective digital strategies.
  • Development of Digital Media Strategies
  • Management of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Development of Digital Content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and
    Google Display Network
  • Data analytics and digital intelligence
  • Full stack development

Mainstream Media Solutions

Brand building communication on mainstream media such as TV, Radio and Press is not the same
in today’s Digital era.
While understanding the behavior of different generations, it’s a must to have a clear
understanding on their proactive electronic media consumption, digital media consumption and
idle time to formulate effective solutions coupled with human insights.

  • Development of Integrated Brand Communication Strategies
  • Development of Creative Concepts, Integrated Campaigns and Complete Production
  • Development of Corporate Communications
  • Development of Independent Concept and Execution Plans for Events & Activations
  • Development of Corporate Identity and Collateral
  • Development of PR Content
How we arrive at the most effective strategy
for your product or service
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